FastMag is a computational framework for simulating magnetization/spin dynamics in ultra-complex magnetic systems. FastMag can handle complex structures meshed over tetrahedral meshes as large as 150 million elements. It allows modeling a host of magnetic systems, such as magnetic recording heads, media, and arrays of magnetic nanoparticles.

The efficiency of FastMag derives from fast computational methods for effective field calculation and time integration as well as their efficient implementations on massively parallel computing systems.

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Available Modules
General magnet simulator Energy barrier simulator Granular media simulator with Voronoi tessellation Magnetic particle simulator
Available Physics Types Applications Features Platforms Support and customization
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Magnetic Write Head with 126 Million FEM Elements

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Magnetic Particles modeling Nano-granular Materials

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Skyrmion driven by Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI)

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Granular Media with Voronoi Tessellation

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Domain Wall Motion driven by Spin Transfer Torque

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MRAM Switching driven by Spin Transfer Torque

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