Computational Electromagnetics Lab, UC San Diego

Shaojing Li

Shaojing Li, Ruinan Chang, Marko Lubarda, Marco Escobar, Javier Martin, Jan van Ek,
Boris Livshitz, Vitaliy Lomakin

There are currently three different ultra-fast micromagnetic solvers under development from our group. They are FastMag, a versatile, ultra-capable solver for simulating complete magnetic recording system or complex magnetic materials; FastVoronoi, a special purpose solvers designed for simulating granular magnetic recording media; and FastParticle, a special purpose solvers designed for simulating complex magnetic dynamics in tape recording media. They all based on the same platform and field evaluation engine and shares many modules.

Please follow the links for details of these solvers and their features and NVIDIA’s website has our work reported too.

News report from NVIDIA’s CUDA: Week in Review, Mar. 22nd, 2011


Here are just some interesting pictures and animations from these solvers.

Comments and suggestions are welcome via email, vitaliy (at) or sli (at) We are also open for cooperation.

Ultra-fast and massively parallel micromagnetic solver on GPUs

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