ECE 107: Electromagnetism

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of California, San Diego

Instructor: Prof. Vitaliy Lomakin

EBU 1, room 3201, E-mail:

Office hours: Tue, Thu 3pm-4pm


TA:              Ruinan Chang

 EBU 1, room 5706, E-mail:

 Office hours:   TBD


Lectures:     Tue, Thu 9:30am-10:50am; PCYNH 113

Discussion sessions:    Mon 11am-11:50am, PCYNH 121

                                      Fri 10am-10:50am, CENTR 222


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Textbook: F.T. Ulaby, Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, Prentice Hall, Fifth Edition, 2006 or Sixth Edition, 2010.


1.         Introduction

2.         Transmission Lines for Communications

3.         Vector analysis

4.         Maxwell's equations

5.         Electrostatics

6.         Magnetostatics

7.         Dynamic fields

8.         Plane wave propagation

9.         Electromagnetic waves at boundaries

10.   Radiation


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In the background is Maxwell, who invented equations, named after him, which govern Electromagnetism.