ECE 222b: Applied Electromagnetics

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of California, San Diego

Instructor: Prof. Vitaliy Lomakin

EBU 1, room 3201, E-mail:

Office hours: Tue, Thu 3-4pm

    Lectures:                    Tue, Thu 11pm-12:20pm; HSS 2152

Textbook: J. M. Jin, Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2010.




Set 1

Set 2 (extra notes, from ECE107)

Set 3a Set 3b

Set 4a Set 4b Set 4c

Set 5

Set 6




Homework 1 Solution


Homework 2 Solution

Homework 3 Solution

Homework 4 Solution


Midterm Project:

Project and Matlab scripts