ECE 222c: Applied Electromagnetic Theory

Computational Methods for Electromagnetics

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of California, San Diego

Instructor: Prof. Vitaliy Lomakin

EBU 1, room 3201, E-mail:

Office hours: Tue, Thu 2pm-3pm, and after office hours by appointment


Lectures: Tue, Thu 12:30pm-1:50pm, EBU1, 2315


Downloads (notes, homework)



Suggested books:

-       Computational Methods in Electromagnetics, A. F. Peterson, S. Ray and R. Mittra, IEEE Press

-       Field Computation by Method of Moments, R. F. Harrington, IEEE Press

-       Finite Element Methods in Electromagnetics, J. Jin, Wiley

-       Computational Electrodynamics: Finite Difference Time Domain Method, A. Taflov, Artech House

Class Policies:

1.   Homework: Approximately 4 (-6) homework assignments

2.   Projects: 2 projects and 1 presentation (for the last project).

3.   Grade Distribution

      Homework: 25%

      Projects: 70%

      Presentation: 5%



1.   Introduction

2.   Finite difference methods

3.   Integral equation (IE) methods

4.   Finite element method (FEM)


Detailed syllabus


In the background is Maxwell, who invented equations governing Electromagnetism.